The National Green OR Network

Climate change is a big threat for our health and our planet. A Dutch OR uses 30 – 40% of all medical material within in a hospital and generates 25 – 30% of the medical waste.

The use of disposable instruments, anesthetics and medication waste are huge contributors to the medical waste in Dutch hospitals. Therefore, Dutch ORs have quite an impact on a hospital’s footprint. As medical professionals, we have to do better and we have to make a change.

Our mission
The National Green OR Network accelerates the sustainability of care processes in the ORs in the Netherlands. We want to make a transition within the operating rooms leading to a reduction of our CO2 footprint. The Dutch Network is the first and one of the leading initiatives in the national sustainability of healthcare.

16 scientific and professional associations are participating within our network.

Themes explored by the National Green OR Network:

  • Anaesthetic vapours and drug residues
  • Circular waste management and plastic waste
  • Energy consumption
  • National Sustainability Guideline
  • Green Barometer

Share knowledge and inspire
We show surgical teams that green adjustments to daily practices are possible without compromising the operative process and patient safety.

More information
For detailed information about the Dutch network, please download our brochure The National Green OR Network.

For general questions, please send an email to